Google Helper now enables you to natively join sprinklers, drip detectors

We are now equipping audio home Google Assistant now security chillers, which are becoming more intelligent, obscure as the product could be. If more Helper Helper points help more points around the voice, both manufacturers will support it. Maybe visit the tabs inside the Helper segment. include new information to connect with the control unit. Nevertheless, just in native. Once the sprinkler is connected, start applying water "do not specify the talking gadget", but "normal home" should ask "works?" If at home also include morning and evening, but by hand because no Helper program is suggested. Regarding the drop detector, it may also be Helper.

Google Helper continues to grow in value with millions of steps and talents. What makes it really effective is its integration with the smart technologies of the home, which allows us to regulate our ruined homes and alone, but our tone of voice. Although Helper supports many other types of home automation products, others need to be addressed more specifically by saying, "Okay, Google, ask [some gadget] to [conduct an action]". To date, sprinklers and detectors of pipe drops have fallen In the second category, these days, Google has announced that several organizations have integrated additional local Helper, starting with Rachio, Bad Weather Hen, LeakSmart and Flo de Moen. To set up your landscape sprinkler, you need to access your Google Property app or property tabs in your wizard's settings, create the new Rachio action or bad weather, and have Google connect to your brands control unit. So far, it seems like you can only link one website at a time. When you have several, like our personal Artem, you may need to select the one you want to control natively. Once your interconnection is established, you can define simple requirements and queries such as "normal lawn water outside the house", "start applying water" or "landscape sprinkler will work" t it? " - no obligation Google Assistant adds to ask Google to talk to Rachio ever again. If you want to incorporate a landscape sprinkler into your Helper programs, no suggested procedure is available, so you have to type the commands by hand. But of course, it's easy to apply water to the lawn of your morning and evening programs.

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